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The Treehouse

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Treehouse Description

The Treehouse features the private top floor to yourself with Queen bed, full kitchen, one bathroom with tub and outdoor shower and an optional 2nd bedroom downstairs. Also comes with two sun decks upstairs (enclosed with screens) with chairs, futons and a hammock for afternoon naps with lush green views in all directions and the sound of the breeze and birds to lull you to sleep.

Enjoy an evening sunset dinner on our front porch and watch the sun set over these majestic mountains. Tropical birds can be heard singing all day long. At night, waves crashing on beach less than a mile away. This is an extraordinary place to stay in Hawaii on vacation.

Amenities Included

  • Full Kitchen

  • Free Internet WiFi

  • Washer/Dryer

  • Fresh Spring Water

Treehouse Benefits

The Treehouse comes with a resident hostess to provide you with excellent tips for an extraordinary vacation, including the best well-kept secrets to see on the island. She’ll make arrangements for you to enjoy a private hike on the top ridge of the world-famous Kalalau Valley along the Napali Coast. This hike isn’t open to the public, but is MORE spectacular than seeing it from below and it doesn’t require a strenuous 10 mile hike, nor does it involve overnight camping or a permit, and it can be done in a single day led by a Hawaiian guide. If you want, she’ll set up with a dolphin swim in the ocean at a secluded beach that is unknown to tourists. She’ll tell you when, where and what time are the local farmer’s markets and where you can pick up fresh fish on your way home. She’ll show you where the healthy food stores are located, where the best spots are for sunsets, the best places to eat, where the most secluded beaches are located, the best snorkeling, where to meet and talk with the local Hawaiian Kahuna, and the list goes on… Basically it’s like having your own personal tour guide to custom create the most extraordinary and memorable vacation. She’ll invite you to local happenings that are virtually unknown to tourists because they aren’t advertised. When you stay in the Treehouse with Sean, you will be immersed in the beauty and soul of Kauai that is unparalleled to anything else experienced by the more than 1 million tourists who come to Kauai each year. This is a once in a lifetime experience. Reservations are limited because this Treehouse vacation experience is only offered once a month.

You would be sharing the kitchen with Sean, but otherwise have the dining room, living room and the entire upstairs to yourself, including the two sun rooms on either end, and the front deck for outdoor dining. So if you’re looking for a really good price on spacious accommodations with an excellent local hostess to create your dream vacation and don’t mind sharing a kitchen, this is the perfect deal for you!

Snorkel gear and boogie boards on hand for day time excursions.

Special note: This suite comes with indoor/outdoor house cats so would not be a good choice for someone allergic or otherwise uncomfortable around cats.


If interested in getting a quote and finding out if your dates are available to stay in the Treehouse, please email Sean at this email address:sean@hawaiionvacation.com


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